February 24, 2014



My work is going to make an appearance at the Peer Recovery Art Project in Modesto, California during the month of March.We’re still in the process of putting things together, so exact dates are not set in stone, but I’m roughly committed to the month of March.

I will be showing paintings and drawings from the past three years under the heading  40 Forty to represent the time in my life when my maturation process as an artist felt more like a trial than a victory lap of success.

If you need a review or an introduction to my work before my new stuff makes a public appearance, this is a great opportunity to do so.

The Peer Recovery is a nonprofit, all-inclusive organization geared towards revitalizing downtown areas by creating healthier communities through art.

I visited the gallery for the first time last week during the Modesto Art Walk and I was very happy to find such a wonderful cornucopia of the creative experience so close to where my studio is. Live, folksy-alt music welcomed me as I moved through the entrance and warmed me as as my eyes followed the walls, decked with expressionist paintings influenced by jazz and the blues. In the center of the room, I negotiated giclée prints of celebrities humorously traced in pastel, while I took in the overflow of whimsically adorned pottery. All the while, as I  looked, listened – enjoyed – smiling faces sauntered about, inviting you close as a friend. It was a playful little gallery that seems to have set deep roots in the Modesto community and I’m very much looking forward to being a part of it.

I’ll update when we nail down the exact dates the pieces will be up. My aim is to have everything up no later than the 5th.

You can come by and see the work during the hours of 11-5pm on Thursday through Saturday at 1222 J Street, Modesto, CA 95354.

Thanks for reading.


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