Update: Production

February 9, 2014


The fact that there has not been a post on this site in a few months has been a good thing. I have been having a good run in the studio and I wasn’t keen on interrupting it; at least until I ran low on materials. That point is upon me and I am taking the moment to catch up on some peripheral concerns, like this blog.

So what’s up?

1st off, I’m taking care of “The Boy” – as he’s called (sometimes) – part time. It’s the sensible thing to do to save some green for this semester while my wife returns to work. He’s a good boy and pretty predictable nap-wise, so I am able to have a dependable amount of time in my day that I can use for studio work. I’ve been squeezing in every last drop of minute that I can into those open slots and I’ve been lucky enough to have had one of the most productive months that I can remember….somehow. It even counts for times when I didn’t have a munchkin projecting throw up down my t-shirt.

Some of this good fortune is owed to preparation over the winter break and last fall. But most of it has been just good old-fashioned inspiration. I’ve moved 7 pictures towards a respectable kind of completion point in the month of January, which sounds fantastic just thinking about. But I’m deciding not to show any of the pieces here. I don’t think it’s good taste to make web content with something I’m trying to get you to see in person and I expect the paintings to make an appearance sometime this year in one of the many galleries I’ve found here. Submissions should be going out by the end of the week and I’m crossing my fingers to have something scheduled by the end of the month.

That would be swell.


But to give you an idea, the pieces themselves began with two larger surfaces I built last July. The intent was to have the space in the picture to breath and  commit myself to a scale that would refuse my desire to overly concern myself with perfect “handwriting”. I wanted the things to be messy. To have some wayward tooth in the brush strokes. No technical pens. No tiny brushes.

But the whiteness of the surfaces… the time it took to build them scared me off for months and I obviously returned to smaller sketches and digital experiments (i.e. Smiles Upon Us, and The Bridge). I liked what I did last year after the move (May), but nothing seemed to coalesce into something that I felt was a good representation of who I was as an artist. Nothing seemed like a good seed for a show. So I decided to bide my time and wait till the work made its own intentions clear, on its own terms, when, suddenly, a strange energy welled up inside and I knew what I had to do…


… just paint.

I’ll keep you posted on how the rest of my production goes, maybe enumerate a little more on the process, if I have time. And I’ll definitely update when I get a show going. But I expect there to be some time put between my posts from now on, just like this and the last. I’m not sketching much- doesn’t seem to want to be a part of my work-flow – so there isn’t much to keep you regularly entertained. And I find making images just so that I have something to put on the blog to be deleterious to my artistic process. And let’s face it, I’m not really in this game for the facebook likes anyway; not really good at that…. so… you’re welcome.

But I’ll hollar at you soon with some more good news when I have it.

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