Hat Fat Hip Hop

June 5, 2013

Hat Fat Hip Hop © 2013 Darick Ritter

This began as a challenge to “draw a pyramid”  and then morphed that challenge into a rhythmic dance of upbeat color and bright enthusiasm, with an explicit reference to the music that vibrates in my speakers most days. Admittedly, not very “gangster”, sure, but definitely emotional, and expressed with edge through color clashes and juxtaposition of pattern and style.

I used a lot of the FCP pens for the pyramid, background, and text. The tendrils and eye needed a much softer touch, so I used gouache to paint those. There is some digital touch-ups around the eye and a small bit of digital coloring for the lighter blue halo around the pyramid. The digital coloring was necessary because it couldn’t be created in that particular value with my usual FCP pens. The pens came out a bit too dark, I thought, so I used a previous scan and applied that light blue in Photoshop. I try to do things by hand whenever possible – but not at the expense of listening to what the image wants. I’m not a purist.

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