April 18, 2013

TeeVeeple © 2013 Darick Ritter

Sometimes your so busy and the only times you have to draw are when you “relax” at night and watch your Cardinal’s baseball, or 30 Rock in mad succession with your wife in the evenings.

This is good and bad.

It’s good, because you end with something a little different than your usual output and you land on some interesting results because of the strange time frame and circumstances. It’s bad, because all your poor, pregnant wife wants to do is hang out with you after her long day at the office. But because you’ve been fiddling with moving quotes and looking for work in a new state (we’re moving to California next month), you haven’t had time to finish any artwork in the past few weeks and decided to cram some of it in during TeeVee Time.

Oh God I love her. For some reason she puts up with me.

This was transcribed on an 11×14″ bristol board using a light pencil sketch to get me going. Then I finished it up with two colors of FCP artist brushes in black and phthalo blue.

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