New York Snot

March 15, 2013

New York Snot © Darick Ritter

I decided that I needed to keep up this figural subject matter going and I rummaged though some of my old photos for inspiration. This picture was drawn from a combination of vacation pics taken on a trip my then girlfriend – now wife – and I took in 2005 (yeah, luv… it’s been that long). It was one of our first trips together. No real reason to bring these pictures back from the dead now, other than I liked my stupid face in one of the photos (not my actual face, but the challenge my expression brought to the drawing) and thought it’d be funny to place me in Times Square. It wasn’t planned to sync the jackass expression with the putrid color, really. But since it’s there, my title sort of lept out at me.

Same as usual details apply to the pic: FCP pens  on an 11×14″ bristol board.

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