Thoughtful Walk

March 14, 2013

Thoughtful Walk © 2013 Darick Ritter

I had to do one small digital touch-up to this piece because it had a glaring mistake in the original drawing that I couldn’t live with posting here on my site. I was reeaaally tired last night when I began this and I didn’t catch my mistake in the first pre-sketch phase of this picture. I won’t draw attention to it, other than mentioning it here (I know, you’re saying too late now, right?), but it might be interesting to see if you can catch where I made the adjustment. It’s one small thing and digital savvies shouldn’t have a problem. I don’t really want to try to hide it because these pictures aren’t meant to be super polished drawings, or anything that I intend to sell, per se… they’re just something to get me practicing drawing in real life – not on a tablet – on a daily basis again, with color, and so that I can post more regularly, here on this blog. This is how I practice speeding up my times and not getting overly worked up over every minute detail of a piece. It’s all in good fun here, folks.

This work was done with the usual FCP pens on an 11×14″ bristol board (cropped down), using a photograph I took of a friend while we took a walk last fall on the Northport bike trail.

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