Blue You & Green Scream

March 10, 2013

Blue You © 2013 Darick Ritter

I wish I understood, or could fully explain the inspiration for these drawings. I think about my color, after the fact, and I don’t know why I have such an attraction for odd pairings of hues, bold – or even brash – juxtapositions of pinks, magentas, and neon greens. Color comes emotionally; and when I’m in the moment of creating I can’t track every tiny thought coming into my brain. I’m busy focusing on the composition laid in front of me.

So for these pieces, I’ll just say they are intended to be a continuing of the pattern of making a drawing at the end of my day to help my spirits, kept me moving quickly, and keep my hands on these pens that I love to use so much right now (I’ll call the Faber Castell Pitt’s, FCPs from now on). Blue You, above, was actually the second drawing, started after I began Green Scream, below. But not after I applied the green splotches “haphazardly” scattered across the underdrawing.

Green Scream © 2013 Darick Ritter

At one point, I actually abandoned Green Scream. I thought it was finished. Ruined. I did what I do often… overworked it. But when I applied the blue “afro” to my head above – the wide continuous expanse of color I rarely use as a mark in my more “painterly” pieces – I thought, Why the hell not? and boldly sought to take a set of ridiculously combined colors and somehow connect them. The green might not actually work, but as an experimenter in art, I’ll say I see something working, at least in it’s more abstract components.

Blue You was done on bristol board with FCP artist brushes.

For Green Scream, I used the same pens, but worked on a 6×6″ clayboard.

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