Red Demons

March 9, 2013

00612_Red-Demons_Ritter_01 The drawings I’ve been creating the past few days are what I’ve been working on at the end of the day just so I can feel like I got something done after spending my major hours on comic projects. Not having something in my hand that lets me feel like I accomplished anything with my time is a bit difficult for me after a while and these “quick” drawings – usually made in an hour or two – help relieve that tension so I can sleep a little better at night. But I’ll tell you what, this last one might keep me awake tonight. It’s 5×5″, made with the usual Faber Castell Pitt pen brushes on clayboard. This one has a real nice look to it as you step farther away from it. The imagery begins to disappear just as the color begins to shimmer. I might have to order some larger surfaces…

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