May 18, 2012

The participants:

Laura Bell
Unsay Blondeau
Morgan Booker
Kelly Cloninger
Patrich Davis
Megan Frauenhoffer
Nikita Gale
Mike Germon
Gene Guynn
Juua Somni Heglund
Angie Hoffmeister
Chelsea Greene Lewyta
Kelly Mckernan
Naomi Nowah
Lady Orlando
Sam Parker
Sanithna Phansauanh
Chelsea Raflo
Darick Ritter
Kaspian Shore
Allison Sommers
Kelly Spencer
Maacy Starz
Joe Tsambiras
Kelly Vivanco

I will be submitting the two pieces that I’ve just recently finished and previewed above. Hope you get to  be one of the lucky ones to be there.

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