Hands That Aren’t Dirty

May 12, 2012

Here are a couple more drawings for the You Germ Series. The characters are beginning to show some of their “powers”…I recently updated my website and put in a new gallery to collect my You Germ drawings. In the header above that page I wrote “The YOU GERM series is an ongoing, improvisational group of sequential artwork revolving around my notion of individuals without boundaries. My world is composed of entities made of mutable visibility and communicate in a language of ever-transforming signs.”

In other words,”you” and “I” are concepts that might be more of a hindrance than a help in our path towards each other in this sea of communication bent on “small mouth noises”. My particular dog in the fight – as my way of alleviating some of this mis-communication – seems to be further developing the idea that human communication designed more around “seeing what you mean” could be a path towards a better understanding of each other.*

I find sequential art (i.e. comics), to be particularly suited for this task.

* These ideas are not really my own. I draw heavily from the work of people like Terence McKenna and Scott McCloud.

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