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March 22, 2012

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Detail of Untitled | unfinished painting in acrylic on unstretched canvas | 25 x 40 | © 2012 Darick Ritter

Spring break [whoo!] has come and gone and in the interest of keeping the content flowing, I wanted to do a test recording of me making a painting and turn it into a mini-preview of a work that is still unfinished.
This piece was intended to be a one-day painting that I began executing on the floor. Working there would help keep my eyes at a far enough distance from the surface to avoid dissolving hours into each minute inch in the canvas. I wanted to see if I could finish something within a day. I was still thinking about the mural at Grace Aberdean. Wishing I had more video of myself painting that piece made me realize I should probably capture this painting, since all I had to do was adjust my computer. Either way, I didn’t think of it until I started about 20 minites in. That’s why you see me pretty far along when the video starts.
There’s no music in it because, frankly, when I surf the artist channels on the Tube I keep the sound off. I would expect a more gussied up final promo, though, when I get time to finish the piece (because I think it needs a bit more work) and then finish the vid.
Until then, this quick preview should do.
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