Art at Grace Aberdean

March 9, 2012

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“Lover’s Chase” | acrylic on plywood | installed at Grace Aberdean | © 2012 Darick Ritter

Monday was fun.

The opportunity arose to work on a sectional mural (now installed at Grace Aberdean) with some local artists here in Tuscaloosa and an art buddy visiting from L.A. My thanks go out to GhostGhostTeeth, who quickly put this project together and invited me to take part. The participants included: GhostGhost, Liz Wuestefeld, King Alga, and myself…


The theme was “happy”; though, I can’t quite figure out why the monster from “Alien” made an appearance in my “lover’s chase” painting…. but I definitely appreciate the bite it gives to the saccarine tone surrounding the character.

I rarely creep out of my studio to do art, so this was a rare opportunity to make something on the fly, in the presence of some other people working. I absolutely love painting that way, with the clock working against you. You feel a fever to finish in time (literally before the light runs out) and there seems to be a feeding frenzy on that very energy to raise the work to a new level and I believe that’s what came out in all of us on Monday.

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